Day/Night 3 – Singapore F1 Grand Prix (Sep 28)

Yes, the race was successful and turned out to be a night to remember. It was also a frustrating and eventful night on all fronts. For me. For Team Ferrari and for Prancing Horse fans. Here’s why. After scouting for the past two nights, I learnt the lesson of going early and finding a damn good spot to camp and take pictures and watch the damn race. We set off at 230pm and dily dallied till 6pm till I found a spot at Turn 11-12 at the bleachers. Chose to be alone for a good 20 mins but in the end caved in and joined the rest who moved on to Turn 13 to check out the place. By the time we got there, there was already a crowd. Lucky we rented the TV ($100) to watch. I could only catch a glimpse of the race from a considerable distance. Left the camera with the long lenses (300mm) to the tall Kris Raikkonen to snap pictures. Wasn’t in the freaking mood anymore. Will let the pictures do the talking.

Pictures of pre-race fans to the race itself at Turn 13 before drama ensued.

Once again, nomadic friends wanted to be on the move. Considering Massa was leading comfortably, I went along. Along the way, there were shouts about Piquet crashing his Renault. And I heard from a faint distant from the not-so-giant screen saying Team Ferrari had an incident at the pit stop. I ran along to Turn 17 and once again, there was already a freaking crowd there. I could only see glimpses of the race and wasn’t tall enough to peer through the heads to look at not-so-giant screen. And the rented TV wasn’t with us. Was with a friend so I was left absolutely freaking clueless. Who the hell wanted to move??? Now, I see almost nothing except cars zooming by. I got updates from a friend via sms and whispers of people talking at Turn 17. Argh! This is NOT fun. A disappointment for Ferrari and a disappointment with myself. Next time, listen to your heart and trust your instinct, Ronald. Stay at one freaking spot, get a good view and rent your own TV — be selfish and NOT share.

Quick pictures of the race (Alonso leads, Hamilton chases, Coulthard chases, Massa drops to last, Kimi crashes, Barichello crashes) at Turn 17.

Above: David Coulthard fails to clinch podium. Almost.

Above: McLaren chases into 2nd spot after safety car mess.

Above: Team Ferrari crashes out

Above: Alonso coming around Turn 17…

Above: Alonso drives away into the night with a considerble lead. His first win this season.

And below are some pictures post-race.

Above: I got lucky. Sort of.

Above: Ashley as well.

Above: Another roadkill picture. Kinda explains my frustration for the night.

Suggestions to improve the race:

  • More screens please. And bigger screens. As if watching toy cars from a distance. Couldn’t even see the words/standings/drivers names.
  • Walkabout area to extend nearer to Turn 7 and Turn 1-2. Let the fans get near , ok? The corporate people are bored already!
  • Rented TV price for race day to decrease? More people will rent if that’s the case.
  • Bumpy roads to made even closer to the race. Drivers were complaining about it all the time. Buay paiseh meh?
  • Let the common folk be more involved. Most heartlanders didn’t really care about the race. Perhaps make it free to watch from a certain area (remove the bloody horadings) on race day when tickets are fully sold out. Besides, it’s a STREET circuit. Aren’t we all entitled to watch for free? Public space OK.  Seriously.This is Team Ferrari signing off. For one last time, si bei char and shiok ah!!!!!!!!!