Massa On Pole & Hamilton Eats Dust

September 27, 2008

Day/Night 2: Singapore Grand Prix 3rd Practice & Qualifying (Sep 27)

Which way? It's a walkabout so we're everywhere!

Which way?

Armed with a new set of awesome camera and lenses (300mm) thanks to Zhaoxing Alonso, I was trigger happy on Saturday. Was supposed to return him the camera on Sat night so I had to shoot as many good pictures as I could. And I couldn’t stop shooting. Pictures of signboards, buildings, cars (but of course) and yes women. For those who accused me of being voyeuristic, well here’s an equation to ponder over — 20 cars + 1,000,000 babes = F 1.

Entered via Gate 4 and started shooting at the circuit park. Went to meet Ashley Hamilton and Ghim Kovalainen (surprise!), who ditched their grandstand tickets (well done) and joined Kris Raikkonen and me, Ronald Massa, on the walkabout. We went back to the usual turns (Turn 14, Turn 11, 12 and 13) and camped at Turn 13 and Turn 11 later for a while for the 3rd practice to start. Below is a gallery of pictures of people — fans and babes alike.

After dinner, it was qualifying action and we were at Turn 17 to catch the action. Mark Webber crashed into Turn 18 barrier the previous night at this stretch. Team McLaren (Ashley Hamilton and Ghim Kovalainen) went to their grandstand seats to watch the action instead. We managed to get some good shots here. Plus shots from Turn 11 and 13. See Above Gallery.

And the 3rd session (10 mins) during Qualifying was exciting. It was Hamilton leading. Then Massa. Then Hamilton. Back to Massa. Finally, the Brazilian clocked the fastest lap (1:44:801) and clinched pole. Ole!

Massa has went on to win races from pole and it seems like a Ferrari victory is on the cards since overtaking is harder on our circuit. Go Ferrari! And it’s time to celebrate — with pictures on the track! Yes, we’re on it and we’re cool people.

The chicane

Go Brazil! Go Massa!


This is Team Ferrari signing out!


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